Jan. 2nd, 2016

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Wanted to send out a quick thanks to everyone who has sent me cards/wished me a Merry Christmas! I will say that the last semester of my schooling for very difficult for me and it involved a lot of me understanding about my limitations. I recently was diagnosed with GAD which is generalized anxiety disorder. I've since been on medication for my anxiety and I have been in such a better place since then. My migraines have been cut in half and I hardly ever get anxious at little things that aren't significant. I am looking forward to next semester with the medication this time. This was also my first time applying for diability through the university. I suffer from chronic migraine syndrome and last semester I have missed quite a lot of classes due to them. Thankfully, I had understanding proffessors but I wanted to get disability so that I can maybe get the lectures recorded in case I am absent. This is my last year of my BS degree, and it sucks to realize that I could have had disability throughout my schooling when I was a child but I have become more educated on the matter and maybe my general PSA might help others who suffer from migraines. Migraines are under American's with Disabilities act. A disability doesn't have to be something you can immediately see.

So enough with that, I have made some new year's resolutuions to be more organized with my life in all aspects. I would like to balance, work and school, personal time and relationships and my hobbies. I'm sorry I haven't responded to comments but like I've said I've been trying to get my life back in order again. Throughout my AA degree and the first two semesters of university I haven't been as stressed as last semester. That semester pushed my mental and emotional limits for sure but I perservered and came out with a 4.0 after having C's for most of the semester.

Blah, blah, blah boring right? Anyway, I want to wish you all a very happy 2016! I hope you all are making resolutions for yourselves as well. Feel free to share them if you wish!


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