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about me

Who is cherry916? I'm the girl with the hurt!Sam fetish who consequently has way to much time on her hands.

✿ My name is Charity or Cherry. Whichever you are comfortable with calling me.
✿ 23
✿ Born and raised in Florida
✿ Currently attending USF to get my BS in Education.
✿ I have one dog, a boston terrier, and 4 cats.


✿ Fandoms: Supernatural and Numb3rs
✿ Ships: J2, Wincest, Sassy, Mishalecki
✿ Sam!girl who loves Dean as much as Sam does
✿ NOT afraid of opinions or with posting them.
✿ I do not ship Destiel or Cockles
✿ I have no interest with Castiel.
✿ I have no patience for mindless hate/wank and likely will block you if you try and shove it in my face
✿ I also have no patience with obnoxious shippers
✿ This livejournal is mainly used for my fandom time. Meaning I rarely, if ever, post real life posts and when I do they are FLOCKED. I am currently not adding anyone back. Nothing personal.
✿ More about my friending policies: here.

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beating up cody, beating up jeff, beating up sam/jared, being a sadist, beta'ing (on occasion), bottom! sam/jared, brothers, changing my icons, charlie whumping, codiasi, csi: ny, danny/lindsey, drawing, dreaming of cody r, dreaming of jared, dreaming of sam, drooling over jared, eating, fan made anything, fanfiction, four brothers, gardening, good friends, hot men, hurt jared/sam, hurt!sam, j2, jeff hardy, laughing at matt's twitter, limp!sam, listening to music, man on man love, memorizing songs off mp3, numb3rs, participating in ffa's, passionate fans, power rangers spd, prison break, reading, reading porn, shopping (on occasion), sleeping, stalking jared, supernatural, supporting friends/supportive friends, tumblr, wincest, wrestling, writing
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