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Hey all I participated in spn_summergen again and I am looking for a beta. It is gen and it is not complete yet but I am looking for someone to beta/give feedback. I only imagine the story should be about 3-4K. Anyone interested can reply here or simply message me at my email. Thanks!
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This is a call out to anyone who would be willing to do a quick beta for me. I've been busy with Christmas and such that I didn't have time to get my fic beta'd earlier and it needs to be posted today! So please comment if you'd be willing. It is a short Wincest about 1600 words. I'd be grateful to anyone who offers, thank you very much!
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The semester from hell has finally ended. I managed to bring all of my C's and B's up to A's by the end of it and that bitch of a supervisor for my internship will no longer be annoying the shit out of me \0/

I know a lot of this is confusing because I haven't properly explained it but basically I've been so detatched because of this semester. It was very hard and stressfull, and coupled with my bouts of depression throughout, my medical issues I've been suffering from and discovering I have an anxiety disorder it hasn't been easy.

But I finally got myself on anti-anxiety medication that has helped a lot and I've gotten everything settled and I feel a lot better than I have been!I hope to start reading, writing, and taking care of the communities I moderate again. How's life for the rest of ya?

I also have a favor, can anyone beta my spn_j2xmas fic? It's about 1,600 words and is Sam/Dean implied. Any help would be appreciated! So I can finally post it for my secret santa.

And can we talk about the newest episode of Supernatural!!!!! I have been duitfully watching supernatural since season 11 started and I have genuinely liked this season better than previous ones. So basically I want to have a discussion.

Are you liking the new season thus far? What has been your favorite episode? What is your opinion on the mid-season finale?


Jul. 29th, 2015 04:31 pm
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I need a super quick beta for today!

It's a fic that is a little over 1,000 words but the catch is I need it done by today. I know it's last miniute but I just now finished and today is my deadline.

You can comment here or email me at my email if you prefer. Thanks!


Oct. 12th, 2012 03:28 pm
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Hey all, I am looking for someone who would be willing to beta my reverse bang for me. It is Wincest about 3,700 words or somewhere around in there. It features Lucifer, has talk about past non-con and is NC-17 (or rated R tbh I don't remember what I rated it yet ha) so if anyone is interested just leave me a comment.

Taken care of!


Sep. 7th, 2012 11:37 am
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Hey all, anyone willing to do a quick beta for me? It's for my [ profile] theheartofspn fic and barely over 1,000 words. Any takers?

Taken care of!


May. 21st, 2012 09:01 am
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Well I have a lot of great things to tell you all.

I'm pretty much finished with my [ profile] spn_summergen. Just needs to be beta'd, edited some maybe tweak some sentences and scenes or add in new things but it's pretty much done. It came in around 6,000 words and I'm so happy with it. Of course it wouldn't be as awesome as it is without [ profile] borgmama1of5she really helped me get this fic into shape, so I REALLY hope my recipient likes it.

My [ profile] spn_gen_bigbang will be coming along as well. I have my whole timeline planned out. [ profile] borgmama1of5 agreed to look over the timeline to see if it works and is interesting. I really hope it is, because I really like the idea. For anyone who doesn't know, I planned to do Sam at Stanford hunting the same thing Dean and John are without the other knowing it. It's more a focus on Sam's departure and how much it's affecting all three parties. Expect crying boys!

Also I'm kind of hesitant to admit this since I don't want to get any hopes up BUT if anyone remembers mine and [ profile] beckalooby's fic You're The Light In My Stormy Seas? Well I'm kind of happy to announce the sequel that's been like a year or more in the making is very much done. I have to write a quick part 9 and then it'll be beta'd and posted very soon. I'm just really happy to get this thing posted. It should be around 50,000 words or a little more when it's done. Art, fanmix and PDF will also follow the masterpost. Hope anyone whose waited ten million years for it, is excited.

Other than that, and a few other stories I have sitting on my computer that's it for writing, oh and my [ profile] abused_sammy story is done I just need it beta'd. Any takers? It's Wincest and has attempted non-con. So warning for that. Anyone willing to beta it?


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