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*insert corny supernatural joke here*

Hello peeps! Just wanted to hop on and wish everyone a Happy Easter weekend.

I also wanted to address the new LJ ToS thing since I've gotten some questions regarding it.

I'm staying on LJ. Just so you all are aware. I already have a dreamwidth and an A03. The goal is to move all of my stories to A03 just because I like their service better for hosting stories and such. I am in the process of moving my delicious account to pinboard as we speak. I would also encourage others to migrate stories to A03 as well. However, I am still on LJ and will likely ride the sinking ship down! No worries. The PDF library will still operate as normal just as everything else of mine. You can catch me at cherry916@dreamwidth or cherry619@A03

The new pinboard will be cherry619@pinboard and I am currently migrating all of my bookmarks (and re-tagging some!) to pinboard instead of delicious so if you have not done so already I highly encourage you to follow the pinboard instead of delicious. And as always I am cherry619@tumblr posting more wrestling now a days then supernatural but I'm still trucking along!

I apologize for not updating this more often. Lately life hasn't been too kind for me but one thing I will say or actually two things is that 1) I GOT A NEW CAR \0/ 2) I finally got in to see a therapist for the anxiety and depression so I think hopefully I can better manage everything. 
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Hey all, I haven't posted here in awhile so I figured I'd make a little update about myself and what I've been up too.

Last time since we all talked I've been to a convention in Jacksonville and a wrestling event in Jacksonville in the same month! I recently purchased a new phone as well, a google pixel, which I'm in love with. I'm finally starting to feel like I'm on the right track with life now like I'm finally becoming an adult (even though logically I've been an adult for awhile now). It's been difficult the past few months with depression for me since my Mom passed away 6 months ago and my Dog died from cancer about 4 months ago. I've been having insane mood swings and my anxiety has been getting crazy out of control recently. I've recently been put on new anti depressant and anxiety medication that seems to work pretty well compared to my old one which is good. I take it everyday and that seems to increase my mood drastically, I've been in a funk where I'm constantly agitated, emotional and quite mean to my boyfriend which isn't fair to him but he gets the brunt of my emotions unfortunately since my Mother passed he's essentially my only one I have left that I sort of bear my heart too.

However, those are depressing thoughts lets talk about some good thoughts? Me and Kim went to SPN Jax and had an amazing time! It was weird hooking up again after so long because we've both grown distant and are both suffering through weird times in our lives so it was a bit awkward but once we got into the swing of things it felt like old times. We've also grown closer I think, we've had to reevaluate our friendship and how we've both changed and I think we've grown to a deeper understanding than we were at before if that makes sense?

I also wrote my first fanfiction outside of supernatural, for wrestling of all things! I find that to be significant since I haven't wanted to really write in a long time. I'm trying to be more dilligent online though, I'm reading more and trying to move all my stories over to A03 and that's taking some time. I spend a good chunk of my time on Reddit for wrestling which has sort of overtaken Supernatural/Tumblr/Livejournal entirely but I always find a time to come back here.

So what's up with all of you?
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Wow, it's been awhile since I updated this thing huh?

Well, I do have a good excuse. I'm trying to get through my last few semesters for my BS so I can begin teaching. Throughout this semester though I've been dealing with some medical issues that I guess I'll go into more depth come Thursday but we won't worry about that now.

I did want to say that I am watching the new season of supernatural. I won't be doing reviews because once again I am super busy and barely have time to read anymore. However, I will say I want to get some new PDF's made in the coming week. I already have two new SPN ones I am going to add. I will take suggestions on what you would like to see be made into a PDF. Remember, the process I go through is to ask the author first for their permission before I do so. Just keep that in mind.

I am also still writing. I have to catch up on the things I written this summer but I am doing two challenges so look forward to seeing that.

Just wanted to blow the dust off this thing and open up communication again. 
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*gets my Christmas icon out*

So the holidays are here which means the holiday love meme is out! Simply message me with your thread and I will reply to yours <3

holiday love meme 2014
my thread here
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So, super cool things are going down in fandom. We just had an awesome JIB con with hurt!jared to boot for all you fanatics and Jensen getting down with his bad self!

So to commemorate it, there is a comment-fic meme about it focusing on J2 and Sam/Dean!!!

Go check it out!


May. 1st, 2014 06:21 pm
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Well my semester is finally over. *throws confetti* and I get a nice summer break, albeit while working, at least I have days off instead of working full time AND going to college full time. Things with the beau are going extremely well, I'm just really happy right now. I would be more happy if I got back into fandom time like I used too and maybe writing again.

Is anyone looking forward to their summer? Any fandom plans? Fics to read, write? Art? Vids? Tell me allllll the fandom news I feel so left out :)

Recs, rants, etc. are welcome.
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Phew since I have a job now I am busy than ever! Much more than I ever was with college. Combine my new semester starting soon AND work and I will be swamped. However, whenever my boss hires more help (we are currently very few and overworked as it is) and I finish my DCF classes for child care I will be looking for a new job that is more suited towards my career goal. It's not the work, nor the people (I do housekeeping for a nursing home just fyi) it's my co-workers. The place is dysfunctional and my boss knows nothing of her building or employees. The older veterans think they're gods gift to cleaning and it's looking like they might want me to quit or something. I can still talk with them but they do this sort of intimidation thing? I can sort of see why no one wants to do housekeeping there.

But they ain't running me out. I leave on my own terms and I know I do a damn good job since my boss always tells me so, so they can honestly shove it for all I care.

I am trying to keep up with my fandom duties! I am hoping once I find a new job I won't be so stressed to be honest.

Just to let you all know I am still kicking!

Ticked off

Mar. 2nd, 2013 08:01 pm
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under cut just in case )
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I don't know what got over me this weekend but I really wanted to update pretty much all my profile codes I use and the wording I used.

So I updated my friends only code, my about me as well as my PDF Library.

ON TOP of that I changed the [ profile] spn_littlebro layout and profile codes as well. I'm really happy with the result I think. Maybe you can head over to these place and give me your opinions? Does it look good? Am I clear and concise?

Also for some reason I feel as if I don't have the right layout for me. Like maybe I'm the only one that cares but you know when you find that layout that is just so perfect and you love opening up your livejournal and looking at it? lol maybe it's just me but I haven't gotten that feelings yet.


Jan. 6th, 2013 04:28 pm
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Hey guys how has the new years been treating you? Good I hope. Tomorrow I go back for my second semester, I got all my books except one so I'm going to pick it up before I head to class and get me some supplies I need. Though since this is my last semester for financial aid I have to reapply since it's not renewed annually. That makes me nervous. I don't know why I'm just scared if maybe I find a job before then (which lets be real will only pay minimum wage) will they see me as not needing it anymore? I'm not sure how it works all I know is I'm still pretty much a dependent relying on my parents to clothe, house and feed me. My dad doesn't claim me on taxes anymore, since he can't but hopefully I'll still get the money for financial aid.

Anyway, fandom life is pretty hectic. I signed up for ONE challenge that I know I can do. It's an mpreg one and I already started writing so I'm strangely excited for that. Have a shit ton to read and thanks to [ profile] mylifewithin's present the Nook I'll be getting ample reading time in between my classes instead of lugging around my laptop. So basically I'm just trying to catch up, do my fandom-ly duties and maintain school. I don't foresee a problem, though my time may by limited online soon as I'm doing an internship for a daycare through career central that will be paying me for 40 hours and HOPEFULLY career central will help me find a permanent job.

So fingers crossed this all goes well. Hope you guys had a great weekend and a marvelous Monday!

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I hope everyone's holiday season was a good one!

I got Season 7 of Supernatural on DVD as well as a spongebob and scooby doo dvd and some underwear and that was about it. Since my brothers continue to not have a clue about buying my stuff they give me money so all together I have over 75 dollars.

I'm going to be posting a picture of all my cards I have received soon! I have them up on my door atm.

So thank you to, [ profile] alienat, [ profile] jessm78, [ profile] raloria, [ profile] screamoutloud [ profile] blueeyedliz, [ profile] etoile44, [ profile] cappy712, and [ profile] villainary

So sorry if I am leaving anyone out. I would also like to thank the countless users who sent me cards per my request on my wish list as well as my many friends of tumblr so thank you!

Since it is a new year coming up I figured I'd change my layout. I'm still tweaking it but so far I like it! 

And since a new year is coming up I have a BUNCH to do per my fandom to do list *face palm* yes I have one of those. Hopefully by next Christmas I'll have that all done. I also realized my userpic package is experiencing in 11 days *sad face* I didn't even know the date was coming; it came so fast. Oh well hopefully I can replenish it because I do love my icons.

New Layout

Aug. 11th, 2012 10:57 pm
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I just want to roll around forever in my new layout. I just love it so much. I find myself coming on LJ just to stare at it.

In more disturbing news, I actually made a Fandom To-Do list. Because I feel like I have a lot I want to do and get done in Fandom terms but I'm so disorganized that nothing is getting done D:

HOPEFULLY I shall get the first thing done and crossed off the list and get the ball rolling after that doubt it but a girl can dream, eh?
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Well surprise, surprise. I actually signed up for [ profile] rocksalt_recs J2 and both Gen. J2 in Sept. and Gen in Oct.

It's fairly obvious by now that I enjoy rec'ing fics. And it's no trouble at all to come up with 3 recs, and even 8 if I wanted. I'll include vids, art and maybe meta and some crafts. I don't listen to podfics so that's out of the question.

I just hope that the mods enjoy the recs and my style. I wouldn't mind being an invited reccer.

I love being prepared ahead of time the only sucky thing is with getting months far off I can't code everything ahead of time. I could but new recs are prepared so I won't know what's new till I get there. Hopefully I'll get it all right. Wish me luck.


Jun. 5th, 2012 07:07 pm
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Did anyone know it was We Love Jared day on tumblr? If you didn't it's not to late to join in on the fun! They have a tumblr and twitter account, all info about the day and posts made for the day can be found on their tumblr: welovejaredpadalecki

Also if anyone noticed I made a new banner for my PDF library. I really like it even if it is sort of crappy. Other than that I haven't done anything today but sleep. Been in bed all day, I'm thinking about going back to my delicious and fiddling with my tags again, adding rating, word count etc.

I STILL plan to have that done soon. And also I planned to rewatch the series before Season 8 starts but for some reason it's slow going. I'm on episode No Exit and I just haven't pushed myself to have another marathon like I did with Season 1. I don't know.

I have a lot of fics I haven't seen in ages in my delicious. Gosh I feel like I want to do so much and have so little time to it all. My goal is to finish all these fanish things before college starts.

Not to mention I have my [ profile] spn_gen_bigbang to write! Ahhhhhhh
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I just wanted to make a post to update you all on goings on and what not.

Well yesterday I had to take off my spacebar and reassemble is because the rubber underneath became dislodged and caused my spacebar to stick. It's still not exactly working right, I may have to reassemble the rubber again but it's working which is better than it not. I can only hit it directly in the middle. I can't press down on the sides anymore.

Upon repairing my spacebar I realized my tab key was kind of out of whack. I fingered it a little and realized it was broken. The plastic underneath that held it to the computer was broken to where it wouldn't stay anymore.So I took off the key and the rubber and now have a nice blank space lol. Not that I used the tab key anyway.

Well my [ profile] spn_summergen is done. I sent it infor submission and got the all clear back. Now I just have to wait for it to be posted. I really hope my recipient likes it.

Other than that everything has been pretty boring for me. I start college on Aug. 20th so I have two free months, maybe even three counting that it's late in August before college.

And it's June 3rd which means there is 26 days till my birthday.

New layout

May. 25th, 2012 07:16 pm
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Ahhh got me a new layout. I love this one so much better. Nice and clean with a pop of green. I had to zoom into it a little since the writing was kind of squinting and now it's fine.

I also got me some new icons today, just a few. Been looking for some newer Sam ones from recent episodes but I just can't find ones I want/like any suggestions or anyone have any favorite Sam icons they like to share?

Other than that today has been a pretty lazy day for me, filled with reading on and off and just browsing through tumblr. So boring. What have you guys been up to?
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Well the other day I asked all of you about good books to read, so I thought it was only fair to ask for good fanfictions to read.

I felt like I haven't read a very good one in ages. You know those long ones you can get lost in for hours? I just for some reason haven't been finding any, and sadly enough I don't seem to be actively searching anything out. I may be fanfic burnt out because it seems when you've read so much it seems like everything is the same, if that makes sense.

So this entry is about rec'ing some fanfic. Old, new, any pairing, any length, any genre it doesn't matter. Tell me what your favorite fanfiction is. I want to know. Hopefully with all the fics we all share everyone can find something new to read. I'm tried of seeing the dropping sad entries on my friends list. I want you all to be happy, in your life and in Fandom. I just want to rejuvenate you can get you excited again.

Here are a couple of my favorites: Favorites under cut )


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