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This is for a wish over at [ profile] insmallpackages they requested: a picspam of Sam (SPN) in NON-plaid shirts.

And you know Sam is my game ;) Full credit goes to the makers/artists of the gifs/screencaps I will be using. I figure you want to look at pretty when viewing a picspam and a generic screencap just doesn't do it. (Credit will be under each picture and ? means I couldn't trace back to the original posters blog meaning they've deleted multiple times or changed their names multiple times. I did my best to find the source of each one.)

So revel in the non-plaid covered Sam!

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Know whose birthday it is........*drum rolls*

Dean and well Jessica as well! Sadly with Jessica I cannot do a pic spam but DEAN I sure as hell can. If we don't count the time jumps, which show doesn't Dean will be turning 34 years old today!

So come with me on a journey through young Dean in Season 1. Reminiscence and cry.


Join me...those with dial up beware. A lot of moving images ahead. 

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J2 Picspam

Dec. 2nd, 2012 01:04 am
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I am granting a wish at [ profile] insmallpackages the wisher requested a J2 pic spam which I was all over! I really hope you enjoy it dear, J2 is my favorite!

It's a doozy! Not recommended for those with dial up connections. I didn't want to go all willy nilly so I decided to do it in chronological order, starting from Season 1 to Season 8 (The years obviously but it's easier to gauge from Seasons hehe Jared's hair!)

Hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas errr early Christmas!

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And as promised, here is my little post on the Van Con J2 Panel!

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Van Con 12

Aug. 26th, 2012 06:15 pm
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Hey guys!

J2 are at it again, breaking hearts and making fangirls cry as per usual. I figured it'd been awhile since I made a Fandom type post like this and I wanted to fit in the little tweeting Jared did last night and Van Con going on today!. So be prepared for a little pic-spamy type information headway from van con. 

I repeat SOME tweets I may referance are SPOILERS FOR SEASON 8. I repeat SPOILERS. If you do NOT want to be spoiled. Please don't click.

Van con/tweets under cut )

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Wow can you believe our resident Sam Winchester turns 30 today! He's grown up so much since he was on Gilmore Girls to now. Now he has a family, a beautiful baby a lovely wife *sniffle sniffle* our Jared has grown up right before our very eyes and I hope to capture that in this Birthday Pic Spam.

Once again, NONE of these images are mine. Pulled off Tumblr. This isn't dial-up friendly, lots of moving images and what not. Once again I take no credit for any of these images, just wrangling the pic spam together. Enjoy.

I just want to thank [ profile] kristypadalecki because without her awesome tagging skills over on Tumblr with tagging the years of Jared I'd be seriously lost.


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Today is Sam's birthday, he'll be turning 29 (Taking into context how show ignores the random jumps and years in time. Technically Sam is 30 but technically it is also 2013 in Supernatural but they play it as 2012 so I'm going with what show addresses.). Like always I make pic spams for birthdays. All images found from tumblr. NONE are mine as always. This post is VERY image and NOT dial up friendly. Also I am not to be blamed from cuteness overload or death by teh hotness. Look at your own risk. (note some gifs are from recent episodes and only one gif is from a preview for an unaired episode. So there be some SPOILERS. Please be advised before you click)

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I felt bad about picking one of my favorite Jensen photoshoots. So I did the same with Jared. This is one of my all time favorites, shots obviously aren't mine credit goes to the photographer (Which sadly I do not know). You could consider this a pic spam of sorts. Post is NOT dial up friendly. So enjoy.

Images under the cut. Hotness ahead. )
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I felt like sharing this particular photo shoot of Jensen since I've been recently reminded of it. It was for a Venice Magazine interview and a lot of the shots are absolutely stunning. Copyright goes to the photographer Paul Schefz. I also even have the magazine bookmarked for anyone curious to read the interview. HERE I guess you could consider this a pic spam. Heavy images ahead not dial up friendly.

EDIT: Oh and anyone with awesome icon skillz, if they could maybe make me an icon from the first picture I would be forever grateful!

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