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So I recently posted a post about Lia's fight with cancer and supporting her, well we have another awesome thing going up. A fanworks auction \0/

Normally I am pretty shy about doing them because I have a fear no one will bid for me and that would make me feel kind of shitty but I want to do this for Lia. My min. bid is 10$ only and you know what I write/don't write. I'm offering up a fic of 5K (or more!! depending on my muse and your prompt)

Also a lot of great writers and artists are also offering stuff so head on over and maybe bid if you can!

Here is my bid

Here is the post

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This was originally posted by vennstiel over on tumblr. I'm sure many of you have Lia on your flist, or you know of her through her amazing fic and meta contributions. Lia is in the fight of her life, for her life, and needs as much help and support as we can give her. Please donate if you can afford to so, and signal boost the hell out of this. Our donations could make a massive difference, and our support can help her to Always Keep Fighting.

Link for Donations.

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Long time no see gals and gents, it continues to be a crazy ride in the life of Cherry over here, which has sadly left me with very little time for fandom *tears*

HOWEVER I still check everything everyday, I'm on tumblr, and I still write. I just finished my [ profile] spn_reversebang a few months ago and I consider it a huge compliment I even got it done! Alas, I will continue to write however and I want to make more PDFs when I get the time to add to my collection.

Here is something that might get me and the rest of ya'll in the writing mood:

A Sam-focused h/c challenge!

Yep! You get to leave five prompts and claiming will commence after March 1st! I plan to claim a few myself. Currently there is only 49 prompts and I find this unacceptable especially considering the amount of hurt!Sam we have already gotten in season 10. I know I took the opportunity and ran with it in my prompts \0/ but that doesn't exclude of course the other seasons and episodes where we got epic hurt!Sam that can be explored or even NEW hurt!Sam just waiting to be written.

So why not head over and leave some prompts? You don't have to write anything if you leave prompts but it is highly encouraged you do!

Anyway, what else is new? New fics, vids, bromance moments from J2......
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So, super cool things are going down in fandom. We just had an awesome JIB con with hurt!jared to boot for all you fanatics and Jensen getting down with his bad self!

So to commemorate it, there is a comment-fic meme about it focusing on J2 and Sam/Dean!!!

Go check it out!
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Yes the bottom Jared comment-fic meme is still in full swing! I just filled one for [ profile] deirdre_c called: Mission Ass-Possible. It's not too late to fill some of your own or leave your own prompts! Everyone KNOWS that Jared has the best booty, so go head over!


Apr. 30th, 2013 11:09 am
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[ profile] spn_littlebro Discussion Meme! Come join in the hurt!Sam fun!


Apr. 29th, 2013 10:48 am
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I am finally doooooonnnnnne with my semester!

Oh and also this <3


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J2 comment fic meme

Wanna join in?


Aug. 31st, 2012 01:14 pm
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Just wanted to pop on and pimp this out for [ profile] spn_littlebro! [ profile] winchesterhaunt has set this all up and is even buying the prize for the winner! How awesome is that? The contest sounds like fun so run on over and rec some things!

Also September is my rec'ing month for [ profile] rocksalt_recs. I'm really excited for that because if anyone knows me I like rec'ing things \0/ J2 is my genre of rec'ing and I'm hoping to hit 8 recs for the max. October is when I get to rec Gen. Also come Wednesday I will make sure hell or high water I get my Weekly Recs Wednesday in! Mark my words you WILL see it ;D

I sent in my rough draft for my [ profile] spn_gen_bigbang yesterday and my fic for [ profile] theheartofspn is done! Just need a beta. (Speaking of, anyone willing?) Phew this seems like a lot for fandom but I'm really happy with how everything has progressed and how organized I am being despite me attending college now. I thought I'd be a mess or something but I am really happy that things are going great, my first quiz in Math I wrangled an 100%! REALLY happy about that, my first essay in English and I think it's  really good. All in all I am actually quite happy to be honest. Fandom and College are aligning in such a perfect way and neither is taking from the other, at least to me.

Also, this is kind of a funny/great thing to me. My older brother is kind of what you would consider a bum. I don't want to be mean but he's a prior felon, lazy and a pretty pessimistic angry person. He has a son (that he rarely sees/takes care of) and he's working shrimping which is a job you do at night and he sleeps all day. He takes advantage of my parents and is generally pretty jealous of me, for whatever reason, because supposedly I am favored over him or some shit. Whatever really. I've been hearing and dealing with his shit for years. 

Well, he's basically a child still, he's almost 30 and he still acts like a brat pretty much. Though yesterday all of the sudden he was like "You know. I want to quit my job and get my G.E.D. Will you help me register for college after I get it?" Like you don't understand, he's NEVER talked about getting his G.E.D. It has always been the same excuse anytime I ask him. Either I can't do it, I have no time or I don't want to what's the point? But like yesterday he was so gung ho about college, and changing his life and getting a career and he was actually LOOKING at me and LISTENING to what I had to say about college. He was so engaged, even making me look up testing dates for a G.E.D. Like it was a MIRACLE or something happening. I'm still in shock that happened to be honest. Because he's been this angry lazy person for years. 28 years and he still hasn't do shit with his life and I found it kind of amazing he suddenly wanted to change now.

Anywho I rambled enough. How are all of you doing?
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So excited to participate and post some prompts!

Porn Pimp

Jun. 19th, 2012 08:26 pm
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Been having fun with this new meme. I got a bunch of prompts scattered about and have gotten two great fills!

Crawl Your Knees Off by [ profile] fromcainwthlove
Summary: Jealous Bar Owner!Jensen over pole dancer Jared when another man tries to take what's his.

Looks Can be Deceiving by [ profile] slf630
Summary: Jensen gets off on the idea that everyone believes Jared tops him. Everyday he comes home and fucks Jared senseless using new toys and new ways to keep things interesting and he always smiles at the end remembering how everyone believes Jensen to be the bottom.

Jared of course always teases Jensen and secretly loves the consequences afterwards.

As well as filled one myself!

Piercing Love
Summary: Jensen discovers Jared has a nipple ring.

Head on over and leave some prompts, fill some or just read!
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I know this has been going on for awhile, but I decided to take a peek at it today and I'm loving all the prompts and fills so far! You guys should head on over and check it out, prompt yourself and fill some. It should be fun.
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In a fly by pimp I'd like to pimp the new Sneezy Comment-Fic Meme

I have left a prompt and already filled one: Warmth of a Brother

So go on over and join in on the fun!


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