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May. 18th, 2012 05:23 am
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Well today is kind of a big day for me, I have to go take my driving test so I can get my license. I'm already anxious and it's HOURS away until I have to take the test. I'm scared I'll have an anxiety attack or something, like I used to get in Driver's ED. My Mom keeps talking like I'll be getting it today and I don't want to disappoint her if I don't get it.

Not to mention the finale is tonight (OMG) and before I wasn't that excited but watching an interview with Jared at the CW upfronts (beautiful evil bastard) I'm more excited now. You can take that with a grain of salt ;)

And may I present something to you that describes Supernatural and us beautifully:

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May. 3rd, 2012 04:16 pm
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Source: HERE, HERE and HERE

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Well yesterday I finished my Season 1 rewatch and have to say, it was really fun and refreshing watching Season 1 again. There  had been some episodes I haven't seen in a really long time and it was nice watching the Season as a whole again. I plan to watch Seasons 1-6 again and have a huge rewatch. I'm on Season 2 now.[Poll #1836348]
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Well I decided to re-watch some episodes of Supernatural yesterday particularly Like a Virgin and Unforgiven and then I found myself re-watching A LOT. From Seasons 1-6 i'm picking episodes to re-watch and slowly reigniting the spark that went out with Supernatural. I'm laughing and crying and screaming as if I never watched these episodes before.

I feel like I haven't watched some in so long, I've just been letting my DVD's collect dust because I haven't popped any in. Some I haven't watched since they aired. I have a whole list of episodes to re-watch and it's growing, some episodes I haven't seen in what it feels like 2 years and some I usually stayed away from.

The sucky thing about knowing Supernatural so well is you know everything that happens, which causes you to sometimes not want to watch an episode again because you know what happens in it. Me, I'm not one to re-watch angst a lot but I'm giving it go around.

I just finished watching The Real Ghostbusters and I'm onto Mannequin 3: The Reckoning. Watching it EVEN though it has the crappy Lisa and Ben scenes ugh.

Here's my question for you though, if you could choose just ONE episode from all the seasons which one would you watch again and again without a second thought and why?
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Well the elated happiness over my computer STILL working is cause me to participate in a Supernatural Meme I've seen going around.

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Hey guys, I made some headers again. They are from different episodes and vary.

All headers are 800 x 350 except two which are smaller. If you want a certain headers in a different size just tell me.

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Well I decided to make some more. I enjoyed the first time and I really love this episode and all it's gorgeous shots. So I hope you enjoy. I am taking in header requests. Note I can't make anything fancy like manips, merging images, or even awesome text. All I can do is edit them to make them look better. So I'll take requests for certain episodes or even scenes or images you have yourself!

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Well I decided to make some headers from the episode. I hope it's not horribly crappy to some people. So I decided to share it.

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I didn't get to make this post yesterday but MY LAPTOP IS FIXED AND I'M BACK! [insert Misha gif of Confetti It's A Parade]

In other news I want to tell you guys this weird sorta...experience I had. Anyone remember a show called The O.C? Well I used to watch it, in fact I watched it when it began and ended and never watched it since after it ended. I slowly began to forget about the characters and the show itself. Well on Friday I had this weird dream, about what? The O.C. I dreampt about the characters of Ryan and Marissa (Despite not even remembering them or the show since 07) and I dreampt about a specific scene that actually did happen. It was weird enough to make it explore more so now I am on an O.C kick again. Probably the ONLY show where I shipped a Het couple. lol

It's weird and kinda freaky considering I hardly even remembered the name of the show. It has been 5 years since I seen it.

In other news it's a special someone's birthday today.


That's right today is Dean's birthday and in honor of it I'll have a pic/gif spam of him under the cut here! Note NONE of these pics or gifs are mine. Most are taken from tumblr or other websites. I don't hold or mark any claim on them. Purely for fun use

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