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Title: Sad Little Boys and Puppy Dog Tails
Author: [ profile] cherry916
PG-13 (For some swearing)
Word Count: 2,206
A/N: This was written for the recent [ profile] ohsam comment fic meme for Anon's prompt Since this was kind of long I decided to post on my journal. This was un-beta'd so forgive all mistakes.

Summary: Sam is staying with Bobby while John and Dean are on a hunt. They're longer than expected. Sam literally worries himself sick. Bobby's POV.

Story under cut )
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Title: I'll Be There For You
Author: [ profile] cherry916 
Beta: [ profile] moviegeek03 
Rating: PG
Warnings: Dean being snarky, Sam being moody and clingy, John being a dick nothing out of the usual
Disclaimer: I do not own the young boys or John though I wish I did
Summary: After discovering the supernatural Sam starts to have nightmares. Dean's trying to be his snarky self but can't help being worried over his younger sibling.
A/N?: This was written in response  to a prompt over at the [ profile] ohsam  Sam Week comment-fic meme in response to this prompt thank you again to [ profile] moviegeek03  for the speedy beta. All other mistakes are my own

It wasn’t like Sam never had nightmares before.  )

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Title:Demons I Get
Author: [ profile] cherry916
Beta: [ profile] moviegeek03
Warnings: Over abundance of schmoop, stupid criminals, and adorable baby Sammy with bamf! + awesome father John
Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own the adorable baby and papa Winchester :(
Summary: John's been managing his best since Mary's death with minimal help.  But one late night visit to a local convenience store threatens to take away the last piece of his wife he has.
A/N: I blame this on watching too much World's Dumbest and reading too much wee!chesters. My thanks to [ profile] moviegeek03  who not only gave this story a name and a summary but cleaned up all my blatant boo boo's and made me sound smart. Thanks BB!

Demon's John gets but people.....he'll have to get back to you )

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Just something sweet and fluffy after that bout of angst we had to live through for season 6.

Title: XOXO Means I Love You
Summary: When there's a problem Dean fixes it but sometimes Dean's just too stupidly smart for his own good. Wee!chesters

Fluffiness this way comes )
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Title: Child's Intuition
Summary: "Sammy really didn’t understand what was going on anymore." Written for the Nov. 2nd fic challenge

You know what I knew I forgot something when I posted this. I forgot to put up the my own damn picture I did for the thing

I'm too Stupid for my own good

Child's Intuition )
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Title: Why Ask Why
Summary: Sometimes little Sammy asks some hard questions. Wee!Chester. Sammy is three and Dean is seven.

Dean was busy working on his homework when the question popped up. )
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Title: Another Story To Tell
Summary: "Dean learned long ago that there’s always another side to the story." Wee!chester. Dean's 6 and Sammy's 2

New Story )


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