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Basically I am a Supernatural & Numb3rs junkie. I like making new friends and talking to new people. Don't let this post intimidate you, I'm really easy going and laid back. Practically everything of mine is open only my personal posts will be friends lock. Feel free to say hi and enjoy!

about me

Who is [ profile] cherry916? I'm the girl with the hurt!Sam fetish. The girl who has way too much time on her hands and the girl who is slowly trying to insert herself into everyday life. I know fascinating right?

Anyway I'm a rather easy going gal. My name is Charity (Or Cherry depending on what you prefer) I'm 19 and I live in Florida. I am currently enrolled in college to become a special education teacher. I'm pretty boring once you get to know me, I don't really have much of a social life as of yet but remember I am TRYING at least. I deserve brownie points for that one.


This livejournal is mainly used for my fandom time. I sometimes post about my real life but all of that is FLOCKED. I am currently not adding anyone back who adds me unless I want too. Nothing personal of course. So if you ask to be friended on this post I likely won't answer because it's just awkward? I mean I think we all know that. Feel free to friend me though! Like I said pretty much everything of mine isn't friends locked. Only my RL posts are. I assume no one really cares about that anyway. You can keep up with me at the 4 links provided below. I am either on LJ, Tumblr or Youtube. Friend, follow or subscribe, whatever will work best for you.


My two main fandoms are Supernatural and Numb3rs. I have a weakness for brothers as it appears. My ships are as follows: Wincest, J2 and Sassy. I don't ship anything else except maybe Sam/Laptop but I don't think that counts.

I'm a Sam/Jared girl at heart but I love Dean/Jensen as much as Sam/Jared does. I'm a pretty opinionated gal about Fandom but that doesn't make me an asshole. I rarely ever get ranty or unleash my opinions on here so you're safe. I have tumblr for that. I don't like the character of Castiel much, just no interest anymore, so if that upsets you I would advise not to friend me because I may talk about my dislike in my episode reviews sometimes. I don't support Destiel or Cockles either, once again if it upsets you I advise not to friend me. I try to keep my Fandom time as a stress free as possible since I am trying to escape real life as it is. All I ask is to NOT post wank or hate in my comments or send it to me and don't be rude or a flamer to me or my friends. I won't tolerate it you'll be banned without a thought. Not that hard to follow huh? You be nice and polite to me I will grant you with the same respect, simple as that.


I would like to thank [ profile] kruel_angel for helping me sort out this monster of a code! I would also like to thank [ profile] mylifewithin for at first trying to help me fix this and make it happen. Code nightmares were given that day and she's a brave brave soul for delving into no mans land like that! Thank you both *hugs* The Hunter's Only banner is made by [ profile] temporalranger the rest of the credit for everything can be found on my profile. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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