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Title: Family Ties
Beta: [ profile] mylifewithin
Artist: [ profile] reapertownusa

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 18,204
A/N: This was written for the [ profile] spn_gen_bigbang. I really wanted to explore in-depth Sam's time at Stanford and how it affected the whole family and play around with what we know is canon a little bit. I know nothing about Palo Alto nor Stanford. So a lot of scenery and buildings are 100% my imagination and fictional. I really hope you enjoy the story and find it interesting enough. I would like to thank my awesome artist [ profile] reapertownusa! As always her art is gorgeous and compliments the story just right, it was a blast to work with her again!

Summary: The bond of the Winchesters proves to be their saving grace and their downfall. As Dean and John investigate a hunt near Stanford, Sam finds himself falling neck deep into the same hunt himself. Can he really say goodbye to John and Dean again? Is escaping hunting all together even possible? 

Part One | Part Two
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Nov. 8th, 2011 04:14 pm
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Art Prompt Title:  Caretaker
Art link: Art Masterpost
Prompt Number: #1034
Artist: [ profile] reapertownusa

Fic Title: Caretaker
Author: [ profile] cherry916
Fandom/Genre: SPN Gen
Pairing(s): None, Dean, Sam, John, OC
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,854
Warnings: Schmoop, Language, (Awesome ass art? Whut?)

Summary: Sam's thrown for a loop when suddenly his average day is turned into a crash course on how to be a father and how to love his own Dad again.

A/N: I would like to first thank my beta [ profile] glimmerella for fixing all my mistakes and setting things straight when they didn't make sense, and [ profile] moviegeek03 for being my cheerleader and moral support. Last but definitely not least was my artist [ profile] reapertownusa for creating some spectacular art, which BTW check it out! It's all so amazing and awesome! Gah I'm so in love with it. And inspiring me from the start and allowing me to virtually create what I wanted. So I hope you all really like this and check out the fabulous art and leave her some compliments!

We're screwed. )
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Just something sweet and fluffy after that bout of angst we had to live through for season 6.

Title: XOXO Means I Love You
Summary: When there's a problem Dean fixes it but sometimes Dean's just too stupidly smart for his own good. Wee!chesters

Fluffiness this way comes )
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Title: Child's Intuition
Summary: "Sammy really didn’t understand what was going on anymore." Written for the Nov. 2nd fic challenge

You know what I knew I forgot something when I posted this. I forgot to put up the my own damn picture I did for the thing

I'm too Stupid for my own good

Child's Intuition )
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Title: Why Ask Why
Summary: Sometimes little Sammy asks some hard questions. Wee!Chester. Sammy is three and Dean is seven.

Dean was busy working on his homework when the question popped up. )
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Title: Another Story To Tell
Summary: "Dean learned long ago that there’s always another side to the story." Wee!chester. Dean's 6 and Sammy's 2

New Story )


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