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Know whose birthday it is........*drum rolls*

Dean and well Jessica as well! Sadly with Jessica I cannot do a pic spam but DEAN I sure as hell can. If we don't count the time jumps, which show doesn't Dean will be turning 34 years old today!

So come with me on a journey through young Dean in Season 1. Reminiscence and cry.


Join me...those with dial up beware. A lot of moving images ahead. 

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I want to wish a very special birthday to [ profile] screamoutloud!

Happy birthday bb!

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I just wanted to wish the kindest, most sincere, amazing friend the happiest of birthdays!

Happy birthday Kim ( [ profile] mylifewithin)!


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Wow can you believe our resident Sam Winchester turns 30 today! He's grown up so much since he was on Gilmore Girls to now. Now he has a family, a beautiful baby a lovely wife *sniffle sniffle* our Jared has grown up right before our very eyes and I hope to capture that in this Birthday Pic Spam.

Once again, NONE of these images are mine. Pulled off Tumblr. This isn't dial-up friendly, lots of moving images and what not. Once again I take no credit for any of these images, just wrangling the pic spam together. Enjoy.

I just want to thank [ profile] kristypadalecki because without her awesome tagging skills over on Tumblr with tagging the years of Jared I'd be seriously lost.


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Wow I'm actually ON TIME to deliver some birthday wishes.

I want to wish a VERY happy birthday to [ profile] wincest_whore, [ profile] ash48 and [ profile] authoressnebula. I would also like to wish a belated birthday to [ profile] dont_hate_me01

Also I wanted to say this journal will be going under construction for the coming months. I'm trying to organize my tags and I went through my entries (all 1000 of them) and deleted a lot. Mainly because when I first started this journal I was really depressed and blogged a lot about my family issues and knowing that those posts were still on my journal made me depressed so I decided to get rid of them.

Not to mention I am still currently organizing my Delicious tagging system.

(How is it I'm so OCD organized on the computer but not in real life? Ridiculous right?)

Anyway that's all. The tags will be changing and I'll be making new ones nothing else drastic is happening, except me uploading more icons but that's just par for the course with me ;)
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Today is Sam's birthday, he'll be turning 29 (Taking into context how show ignores the random jumps and years in time. Technically Sam is 30 but technically it is also 2013 in Supernatural but they play it as 2012 so I'm going with what show addresses.). Like always I make pic spams for birthdays. All images found from tumblr. NONE are mine as always. This post is VERY image and NOT dial up friendly. Also I am not to be blamed from cuteness overload or death by teh hotness. Look at your own risk. (note some gifs are from recent episodes and only one gif is from a preview for an unaired episode. So there be some SPOILERS. Please be advised before you click)

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(Posting an hour early because I am hitting the hay!) Today is March 1st which means Jensen Ross Ackles turns 34 years old! And like last time with Dean's birthday I have a pic spam for you all, pictures/gifs acquired from tumblr to amp up the 'quality' none are mine, I have no claim over them what so ever. If you have a slow internet connection or dial up I HIGHLY advise not to click.

Warning: This post is very very long and contains drool inducing pictures. I am not accountable if you faint or go into OMFGSOBEAUTIFUL shock

May I suggest listening to this song while enjoying the pic spam?

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I didn't get to make this post yesterday but MY LAPTOP IS FIXED AND I'M BACK! [insert Misha gif of Confetti It's A Parade]

In other news I want to tell you guys this weird sorta...experience I had. Anyone remember a show called The O.C? Well I used to watch it, in fact I watched it when it began and ended and never watched it since after it ended. I slowly began to forget about the characters and the show itself. Well on Friday I had this weird dream, about what? The O.C. I dreampt about the characters of Ryan and Marissa (Despite not even remembering them or the show since 07) and I dreampt about a specific scene that actually did happen. It was weird enough to make it explore more so now I am on an O.C kick again. Probably the ONLY show where I shipped a Het couple. lol

It's weird and kinda freaky considering I hardly even remembered the name of the show. It has been 5 years since I seen it.

In other news it's a special someone's birthday today.


That's right today is Dean's birthday and in honor of it I'll have a pic/gif spam of him under the cut here! Note NONE of these pics or gifs are mine. Most are taken from tumblr or other websites. I don't hold or mark any claim on them. Purely for fun use

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Title: Birthday Wishes and Wet Dreams
Author:[ profile] cherry916 
Beta: [ profile] moviegeek03 
Summary:  It’s Sam’s birthday and the only thing he wants more than anything is to have the guts to tell his brother how he feels and have his feelings reciprocated. But it seems as if Dean completely forgot his birthday.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,841
A/N: This is for Liz ([ profile] blueeyedliz ) since it's her birthday and I know your birthday is tomorrow but I'll be out and I won't be able to post it so happy early birthday BB! Enjoy your porny wincest! Also you know me cross posted like a boos lol! Also happy birthday [ profile] ash48  as well.

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