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Hey guys just wanted to give you all a head ups of what I am going to be doing (undertaking really) in the next few weeks (maybe a month or so). I am currently moving my bookmarks from delicious to pinboard. For a number of reasons but mainly because delicious is basically a ghost site now. They don't care about it anymore, no updates are being given and the last correspondance from delicious was in April 2016. I know my delicious is sort of a hub for a lot of people. [ profile] spn_littlebro has recently moved to pinboard as well and it's more reliable than delicious for a small fee of 11 dollars which I can easily manage.

However, in awesome fashion delicious has shut down their export and import features so all 141 pages of my bookmarks must be moved over manually. I've convinved myself this is better so that I can weed out dead or broken links, re-tag much better or maybe add tags and organize more efficiently not only for those who use my bookmarks but for me as well. I'm an organized person. I may also be adding more PDF's in the near future after basically going over all my bookmarks and such so stay tuned for this huge transition.

I'll have a huge reveal when it's done and maybe do some sort of PDF requesting thing or something.

It's sort of the first big project I'm taking that relates to fandom and I'm sort of nervous about it since I've been away from reading fanfiction in general but I'm also excited to have something to focus on and do in light of my recent bout of depression.

I'll still save items to delicious as well just to maintain it but I encourage any who have followed my delicious to follow my pinboard:

As that will be more up to date with newer tags and deleted bookmarks and such. 
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Since today is December first I figure I shall get a start on sending on cards. If you're on my list I automatically send out cards to anyone on my address list. If you're unsure you're on my list simply send me a comment with your address and a name would help me to keep organized whether your real or online name it doesn't matter.

If anyone wants to send cards to me just send me a message or comment and I will PM you my address! Hopefully all my cards will be sent by December 8 or 9th depending on how many I can buy.

If not I hope a little late wouldn't hurt (I mean I couldn't send out a lot of cards last year either :C)

Comments will be screened but if you're still uneasy feel free to pm me!


Aug. 22nd, 2013 06:07 pm
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How has everyone been doing? It's been a little while huh? For that  apologize I have simply been very busy.

I started school last Monday and my classes have been going great, swell actually. I'm trying my best to stay on top of them all and still work at the same time. So far everything is going good, but we'll see once the semester progresses and things move at a faster speed.

Other than that it's been sleep, work, school, homework. Rinse, wash, repeat. Haven't had much time for fandom things, however, I still go online and try and check/update everything.

Hopefully next entry I can update you on something fandom-wise that's likely waaaaaay more exciting than this stuff lol.
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So basically, I got a call yesterday from Career Central saying she has a place I will intern at this week. It's called Tangerine Cove and it's essentially a nursing home. I would be working in housekeeping, basically helping an elderly lady do laundry. She has been doing it for 21 years, even when the building was still a hotel. She has zero help at all and she does ALL of the laundry. All the blankets, pillows/cases, their clothes, towels, etc. She was so backed up that she needed help a lot. At the end of the week we shall see if they decide to hire me or not.

I am really tired, I worked 8 hours today and have 32 more hours to go this week. I definitely am not used to being on my feet for 8 hours so the backs of my heels are really sore but my Dad said I would get used to it after awhile.

But I might not be on much with the job and all, I am taking a 2 week hiatus from tumblr to try and distance myself from the crazy. But have no fear! I shall always come back on and check my friends page. Just wanted to keep you all up to date.

Now here have a meme I have been intending to do. Snagged from [ profile] jessm78

Meme )
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To all my friends who are mothers and even grandmothers, or to my friends mom's and grandma's. I am wishing you all a lovely mother's day.

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Well, the subject has little to do with this entry. Well kind of sort of. I met someone online and we went out on a date yesterday. We really hit it off and we are going out again tonight. Of course, he damn well ALREADY knows I MUST be home by 8:00 to catch Supernatural OR we are watching it as his house. Either or, as long as I get to see Supernatural <3 It's best to be upfront about your obsessions I say lol


Apr. 30th, 2013 11:09 am
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[ profile] spn_littlebro Discussion Meme! Come join in the hurt!Sam fun!


Apr. 29th, 2013 10:48 am
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I am finally doooooonnnnnne with my semester!

Oh and also this <3


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It is now on my keys next to my frog and scooby keychain.

Well I have one more day left of the semester before I am off for 3 months. If my posts look weird I a simply re-tagging and deleting a lot so excuse the mess. I successfully posted all my J2 and Wincest stories to my new A03 account and I have finished my mpreg ficathon and will post tomorrow. PHEW. It's been a time crunch these last few weeks but I managed to get everything done that I said I would.

Oh and silly me I was picking up some stuff from the yard, without gloves mind you. And I went to pick up this reflector and throw it away and it slid down my hand and I got fiberglass all in my hand. I managed to get most of it out but there is still pieces logged in there. I swear I wanted to salt and burn the thing after that happened.

Well I hope all is well with you guys. For all you hurt!Sam fans out there who are members of [ profile] spn_littlebro, we are pulling something together for Tuesday before the new episode airs so stay tuned for that :)

Thank you!

Dec. 29th, 2012 05:17 pm
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Just wanted to say thank you for all the v-gifts guys!

[ profile] spnworld26, [ profile] vinylreckoning[ profile] julieshadow [ profile] ash48, [ profile] villainary and [ profile] nyxocity

Thank you!

Dec. 3rd, 2012 11:58 pm
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Just wanted to say thank you to those who have sent me a card already! I have three so far and I'll take a picture of the cards which I hung on my door very soon.

Also thank you [ profile] etoile444! I have received your gifts and I love them honey. The book is hilarious I read the whole thing to my mother and I know she'll love the zebra salt&pepper shakers!

Well I have already sent out cards for overseas (meaning outside of the United States) if you NEVER receive your card and you know you asked for one please tell me. I will be sending out the rest of the cards within this week so hopefully the cards arrive safe and sound.

And after this week this semester will be over and I get a month off and [ profile] mylifewithin is coming down to stay for two weeks with me and my family.

J2 Playlist

Dec. 2nd, 2012 02:29 am
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This will be my second wish granted! The wisher wanted 5 songs that reminded you of J2 playlist! So I really hope you enjoy them! I made cover art and a song track list.

Songs/download link under cut )

J2 Picspam

Dec. 2nd, 2012 01:04 am
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I am granting a wish at [ profile] insmallpackages the wisher requested a J2 pic spam which I was all over! I really hope you enjoy it dear, J2 is my favorite!

It's a doozy! Not recommended for those with dial up connections. I didn't want to go all willy nilly so I decided to do it in chronological order, starting from Season 1 to Season 8 (The years obviously but it's easier to gauge from Seasons hehe Jared's hair!)

Hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas errr early Christmas!

Epic J2 below cut! )
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This is my amazon wish list: here I forgot to post it on my actual wish list but basically me getting anything from my wish list is well appreciated. (And no worries pretty much everything on that wish list is under ten dollars sans the complete series of prison break which I in no way expect ANY of you to purchase)
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To all who celebrate it.

Wish List

Nov. 14th, 2012 04:31 pm
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The community is back up for Christmas! I'd recommend posting your wish lists as well so your flists can see them. I am hoping to send some Christmas Cards out this year, horribly small considering what others can do but hopefully it'll mean something to most. Here is my wish list if you want to take a peek.

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This is something that has been bugging me a lot lately, especially in light of the new episode.

under cut )

Back up

Nov. 10th, 2012 07:51 pm
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So, I made a dreamwidth journal just as back up, in case LJ REALLY goes south I'll still have all my shit. Honestly, I'm here to stay I've adapted to their shitty standards and updates a long time ago.

But it's nice to have my shit backed up.

So if anyone has a dreamwidth Iet me know!

I am cherry916 as I am on here


Nov. 6th, 2012 11:37 pm
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New Layout

Nov. 6th, 2012 03:52 pm
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So yesterday I decided to get a whole new layout. I was growing kind of tired with the old one. I switch between different layouts a lot as you all may notice lol

Hope everything looks good! I am currently searching for some more headers I can use, since the spn header comm shut down it's been hard finding any good ones, any suggestions?

How have all of you been? It won't be long before my first semester in college is finished! It went by so fast. I'm looking forward to the week I'll get off for Thanksgiving break soon.


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