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Title: 10 Things I Like About Jared (AKA 10 Ways to Fall in Love With Jared)
Artist: [ profile] blondebitz
Genre/Pairing: RPS AU, Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: This was written for the [ profile] spn_reversebang. I am very happy with how this story has turned out despite how hard it was to complete. I worked with an amazing artist in Blonde and her artwork is absolutely gorgeous and stunning! Please click on the link and go view and comment on how amazing of a job she did. I wasn't the easiest person to work with due to how late I had completed the story and I am forever grateful and how kind she was to me throughout it all and how patient. Thank you so much, I loved working with you and maybe we can collaborate in the future.

A03 Link in the title.

Summary: Throughout the course of filming a movie Jensen meets and falls in love with Jared and learns a thing or two about myself.

10 Things I Like About Jared

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Title: Love is Priceless
Beta: [ profile] billysgirl5
Warnings: mpreg, non-con
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,700
Author's Note: This was written for [ profile] dimeliora for the [ profile] spn_j2_xmas exchange! I really hope you like it hun, I incorporated a few of your prompts together. Merry Christmas!

Summary: Being the top mob boss for Chicago isn't easy for Jensen, but Jared makes it better in all the ways that count even if he doesn't think he does.

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Title: Standing Still
Author: [ profile] cherry916
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,500
Author’s Notes: This is written for [ profile] sammycolt24 for the [ profile] spn_j2_xmas. I hope you like it dear, I loved all your prompts and sort of incorporated a lot of them into one fic.

Summary: Jared lives life in the slow lane. Due to a debilitating genetic disorder Jared will never know what it is like to live a life like a true wolf. He is confined to a wheelchair and has dismissed all hope of ever finding a mate. However, when the winds get colder and Jared life is in danger he finds someone that will slow down just for him.

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Title: Tears, Idle Tears
Author: [ profile] cherry916
Rating: R
Wordcount: ~6,000
Warnings: mentioned non-con, and graphic torture
Author's Notes: This was written for [ profile] spn_summergen challenge. The fic is for [ profile] annie46. Basically, this is my attempt at making the reason Sam didn’t look for Dean more believable, and utilizing Amelia in a much better way than the show did. I hope this suffices for your prompt hun, I really wanted to make Amelia likeable. I played around with canon a lot, but tried to keep things as close as possible without making it too ‘au’. In this story, Amelia and Sam do not share a sexual relationship, it is purely platonic. I hope I succeeded at the very least, please enjoy!
Summary: Sam finds himself broken and alone, with no hope for things to ever get better, until she comes along and starts to become his only constant. Through her gentle, yet firm care Sam makes it out alive, however, sometimes wounds are so deep it’s unfortunately too easy to trigger the memories that go with them.

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Title: The Season of New Beginnings
Beta: [ profile] moviegeek03
Pairings/Characters: Jared/Jensen, Past Jared/OMC, Misha Collins
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,589
Warnings: mpreg, mentions of past abuse
A/N: This is a timestamp/sequel, whatever you want to call it to my fic The Season of Change. You do not have to read that to understand this, but it's highly recommended you do so. I want to thank Brittany for working so fast to get this beta'd. I know there was A LOT of mistakes I made when I was writing so fast, and especially since this is finals week she is a life saver!

Summary: Jared and Jensen are trying to prepare for the birth of their child. But Jared is dealing with memories of his past relationship. He begins to learn that sometimes you have to let things go to really begin to heal.

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